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Vlad, the Game Store APP has lots of features!

If you can't find the product or service you need here ... be sure to contact us! Not every feature and benefit of the software package is listed here, it would be tedious and overwhelming to list everything. If your need doesn't exist, we would love to add it for you!

Buisness Management Tools




Balance Sheet

  • Track your company's assets, liabilities, and ownership equity
  • Fully integrated with our point-of-sale and online shopping cart
  • View balance at end of business on any day in company history
  • Never lose track of your company's health
  • No data transfers between third party software
  • Visualize the growth in real-time

Expense Register

Income Statement

  • Track company revenue across multiple input streams
  • Fully integrated with our point-of-sale and online shopping cart
  • Compile reports for day, week, month and year
  • Generate prepatory documents for tax reporting1
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses by product category
  • No data transfers between third party software
  • Quantify trends over vast streches of macro-data
  • Reduce costs and need for Certified Public Accountants1

Human Resources

  • Employee Time Card
  • Performance Review History
  • Diciplinary Tracking
  • Job Postings
  • Eliminate external employee tracking measures
  • See which employee's are consistently performing well
  • Prevent undocumented terminations
  • Process hassle-free job inquires

1 This software is not a substitute for professional tax advice. Always consult an attorney and/or a certified public accountant before filing any legal documents, such as those required by the IRS. Failure to properly report income and assets can have serious consequences.

Data Security & Storage




Data Retention

  • You own your data ... always
  • Local or remote storage configurations
  • Automated preservation
  • API to an existing database
  • Unlimited database entries
  • No recurrence fee to pay
  • Control what and where it is
  • Data is protected from system failures
  • Functional regardless of current business tools being used
  • No pre-conditioned limits to data

Authentication Protocols

  • Passwords are not recoverable
  • Two-step identity verification
  • Credit card information is never stored
  • Ensure secure access granted to right individuals
  • Eliminate computer driven phishing schemes
  • No liability for customer information

Domain Services (Website Services)





  • Help choosing a domain name
  • Understanding how our product works on your website
  • Remove the difficulty of selecting a domain name
  • Experts understand web traffic patterns


  • You own your domain ... always
  • Automatic renewal with registrar
  • No recurrence fee to pay
  • Never lose your domain name


  • Pre-configured set-up for software
  • Professional managed updates
  • Secure FTP access
  • Access to remote a database
  • Get installed and running in a matter of a few minutes
  • Let the experts handle software upgrades and stay ahead of the pack
  • Update several files simultaneously
  • No pre-conditioned limits to data


  • Set-up email accounts
  • Configure automatic forwarding
  • Schedule automated replies
  • Build newsletter feeds
  • Professional installation to activate services

Graphic Design




Company Logo

  • Professionally designed logo
  • Balanced color schemes
  • Modifications for use on website, sales material, emails, etc.
  • Genre specific and identifiable
  • A sharp, beautiful, impactful presence
  • No external integration


  • Customized images, effects, designs, etc.
  • Manipulate for benefit
  • Use across marketing materials
  • An evolving professional website
  • Creates engagement with viewers

Color Scheme

  • Professional Design
  • Create a successful brand identity

Knowledge Base




Business Plan Repository

  • Product Segments
  • Service Concepts
  • Policy Documents
  • Strategy Guides
  • Internal Evaluations
  • Industry Standard Forms
  • Develop product lines in proven categories
  • Add revenue to your top line with expanded services
  • Adopt industry standards
  • Apply proven concepts
  • Use consistent metrics
  • Get on top of what needs to be done

Coordinated Support

  • On-call Support
  • 24/7 Technical Staff
  • Online Wikihows
  • Independent Reviews
  • Get answers to problems quickly
  • Never a down moment!
  • A vast trove of user generated knowledge
  • Clear outside understanding of facts

Community Forums

  • Read/Post Common Problems
  • Make connections with others
  • Build your community
  • Peer sourced solutions
  • Long-term relationships
  • Feed brand identity

Point-of-Sale (Retail)




Cash Drawer

  • Key Access
  • Cash Slots
  • Coin Slips
  • Check & Credit Card Receipt Catch
  • Record "No-Sale" Access
  • Handle a wide variety of cash
  • Simplify cash transactions
  • Securely capture proper documents

Touch Screen Terminal

  • Multiple Asychronous Terminals
  • Single Access Point
  • Add any number of terminals to optimize customer services
  • No additional fees for access points

UPC Scanner

  • Scan inventory into database
  • Scan inventory categories
  • Integrated Product Scanner
  • Quickly identify products and track sales
  • Reduce reference time for item categories
  • Handle retail transactions rapidly

Online Inventory Integration

  • Automated Inventory Synchronization
  • Offline Transaction Processing
  • Absolutely No Downtime!
  • Retail transactions track with online inventory.


  • Customized Retail Receipts
  • Email Receipts
  • Optional Printer
  • Easily identify legitimate receipts. Spread your brand identity.
  • Collect customer emails, thereby tracking their long-term purchasing habits.
  • Save paper, go green!

Credit Card Swipe

  • Standard payment gateway
  • PCI compliant
  • Seemless integration of your merchant account
  • Worry-free PCI compliance technology

Shopping Cart (Online)




Payment Gateway

  • Standard payment gateway
  • PCI compliant
  • Seemless integration of your merchant account
  • Worry-free PCI compliance technology

Online Orders

  • Track online transactions
  • Order Processor
  • Customer Friendly Interface
  • Comments Sections
  • Third-party inteface & API
  • Complete order history
  • Easily process orders efficiently
  • Unique customer accounts with access to order history
  • Track specific information by transaction
  • Auctions, Re-sellers, etc. can be fully integrated into tracking

Real-Time Inventory

  • Automated Inventory Synchronization
  • 24/7 Transaction Processing
  • Hassle free reconciliation
  • Online transactions track inventory.